Access to SQL Append Query

Hi I have an access table and a append query to a SQL table all the records get appended but some of them loose their format. one field is a Number in access with the field size as Decimal appending to a sql table with the column as a numeric (18,2) the data goes in but it drops the decimal value. ie 1.50 in access will read 1.00 in SQL. another example is 3.80 in access will read 3.00 in SQL.
can someone tell me what I did wrong.


What is the SQL of your Append query in Access? You can get that by opening the query in design view and then going up to the ribbon and selecting SQL View from the view group.

what is the data type of these columns in Access and corresponding data types in SQL Server?

thanks guys some how I fixed it.
I dropped the table and recreated it then used my append query in access.
It worked
thanks for the response