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Access-filter data

I have a table(CustomerData) that stores interactions between agents and client and date of interaction. The fields are Agent-text, Phone-Number, Interaction Date-Date&time(like 1.1.2014 09:00 AM), Interaction Reason-text.
Any idea of how can I count the number of customers that interacted again with an agent only if the new interactions is in less than 7 day from the previous interaction and not with the same agent in less than 2 hours?

Is this question about Microsoft Access?

What have you tried this far?
Please provide table description (create statement), sample data and expedted output (from your provided sample data)

Yes, Microsoft Access 2010.
I have a data base with that table and I need to count the customer who interacted again with an agent for each agent.I mean, if Agent Ben interact with a customer B(phone ) and then the same customer interact with the agent John in less than 7 days, then is 1 count for Ben.

Well I made a query selecting Find duplicates to find all the duplicate phone numbers (mainly this are the customers that interact again with an agent), agent name and interaction date. Now i need somehow to filter this by the interaction date.