About Backup Issue of DB in SQL Server Management Studio and Login Issue of Blue Prism Studio

Hello Everyone! Actually few days ago my System got crashed. But fortunately later all my softwares were restored. But When I try to Login into BluePrism. I am getting Error as Login Failed. I am getting Error While Login into Blue Prism. I also tried with MSSQLServices.msc Restart. But Still I am getting this error. Also While Backup of Sql I am getting this error. Can Anyone Please help me to resolve this Issue. As I have all my Projects In BluePrism studio. And I have no backup of Projects. I want to restore all my Projects into Blue Prism. I am sharing screenshot of Errors. Please refer it![IMG-20190310-WA0003|690x492]

Does that server and database exist?
If so then it's a login problem. You need to find the login it's using (you can log failed logins) and make sure it has access - easiest to make it sa to start off then reduce permissions.
You might want to look at how the retore was done. If a new server was created and then the databases were restored then the logins won't be there. It's also possible that the login is there and the user is in the database but they have lost their link and so need to be deleted and added again.