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About a task for my job

Task : Saving user information with User form to database by using Angular, .Net Core Api and Database which you like. You can find some hints as below about what to use within the scope of task.


  • Creating Angular Framework Draft Project ( On Angular 13 )
  • Creating simple User Form Component which includes name, lastname, birth date etc. You can add 5-6 input fields on Form.
  • Creating User Entity ( To post as user entity to web api )
  • Adding Save Button in Form Field ( To take action to save user to call /Test/SaveUser )

.Net Core Web Api

  • Creating TestController as a Controller
  • Creating SaveUser as HttpPost Method
  • Creating User Entity
  • Migrating User Entity to Database ( MySQL or other db as you wish) with EFCore Code First
  • Saving User Entity With DataContext to Database in User Table ( When you send request from Angular to .Net Core Web Api )
  • Do not create database manually by hand. Use Migration if you can.


Is this some homework or interview question?