A request for documentation on sp_whoisactive

It's a strange request because I figured I could just google it. But I can't find anything clear. I am one of two developers working on different projects using the same tables in the same SQL server. The client is non-technical.

Looking at sp_whoisactive (below) my query is 175 & it has a blocking_session_id of 155. From this ambiguously framed documentation, I gather that this means that my query is blocked by session_id 155. The other developer insists that it means that my session is blocking session_id 155.

Given the query that he wrote (multiple count selects in sub queries with nested subqueries beneath that) VS mine (a merge statement fed in through a table value function of select statements), I would think that it is self-evident. But he is insisting and the client is non-technical.

Is there any publicly available documentation that expresses this unambiguously?


P.S. I frequently use sp_who2, but the historical data is written using sp_whoisactive & that is all we have to go on from a past event.

how long have you been working with the other dev?

6 months, but how does that help answer the question?

The documentation for sp_WhoIsActive is at http://whoisactive.com/docs/.

I read you post as session 175 is blocked by session 155. Then session 175 is further blocking a LOT of other sessions.

Thanks. I know it was a dumb question but the stakes are high enough that I couldn't afford to be wrong.

Yes, I do see that it looks bad. 175 is blocking many sessions (which created a real problem). But at least now we don't have to play he-said, she-said & just know what it is.

Thanks again