3NF SQL Server

I have need to know 3rd NF this Table
Please Help me.........

Normalization must be done as a step by step process.

Thus, you must first put the table into 1NF. You will need to split the Students list into a separate row for each student, because in 1NF, a column can have only a single value.

Then put the table into 2NF. This will involve assigning a key column(s) and then determining which other attributes (columns) don't relate directly to that key column(s).

3NF is similar, but where every non-key columns depends entirely only on the key column(s) of that table, and is not dependent to or related to any other non-key column. Once you get to that point, we can give you additional assistance.


hi Iqbal

Do you want to know the thinking process how to do this ????

The stuff I am talking about is general stuff that can be appllied to anything

How to put thoughts and from that combine(intersect etc etc) and then come up with understanding of what to do !!!

It makes things super fast !!!

For new beginners this kind of stuff is very tough ( as everything is very very new)
This kind of skills help a lot in these situations

I could give an example !!! to illustriate
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