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2016 AlwaysOn High Availability



I have installed SQL Server 2016 Developer Edition on Windows10 Server where I couldn't ENABLE AlwaysOn High Availability saying KB2494036 HotFix needs to be fixed. I have fixed it through Troubleshooting on Windows but still unable to enable the AlwaysOn High Availability.

May be missing some genuine point and Any suggestion would be highly helpful.

Much appreciated your valuable help Peers.


Windows 10 is not a server operating system and is not supported, or wouldn't work properly, with clustering. It does have Hyper-V available though, you could install a cluster on virtual machines under Hyper-V.


Yes need to upgrade to Win10 Pro.
Is there any way regarding this ?
Thanks a lot


You can purchase Windows 10 Pro from pretty much any online retailer or directly from Microsoft. You'll still need to purchase licenses and download Windows 2012 or 2016 to create the cluster, so I don't know what Windows 10 does for you except provide a Hyper-V environment. Windows 2016 will do the same, and more easily support virtualization.


Thanks a lot, for personal Laptop comes with W10 Home is all the problem.