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2014 Database Mirroring and Certificates


I'm setting up database mirroring in 2014. If I use the default NT Authority account, will I have to set up a Certificate? That was a requirement in older versions, not sure about 2014. Thanks


If I'm not wrong, given they are in the same domain, you do not require a cert for DB mirroring.


Thanks, DennisC. To be clear, I have read that if the database services are NOT running under a domain account i.e. they run as NT Authority for example, you may have to use a certificate. Only read that, I'm just asking if anyone knows that to be the case for 2014. To simplify things, I prefer to avoid using certificates.


If your target is to avoid cert, then run change the SQL service account to be a domain account. Which is pretty simple to do :slight_smile: