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2014 - cannot connect to my named instance



I have installed sql server 2014 and chose a named instance on install but cannot connect to this from within management studio.

I have verified my sql service is running.

the service shows account - NT Service\MSSQL$ALPHA

I cannot log in with this or MSSQL$ALPHA or ALPHA which was the instance name...

what do I actually enter to log in as?


While login did you get any error msg?
If yes share the message. It would be helpful to fix issue.

You will get more details from event_log.
Kindly attach this as well if you can.


To login to a named instance - the format of the connection is: {servername}{instance name}

If the instance is local you can use: .\ALPHA
If the instance is remote you need to specify the server: {server}\ALPHA

If the service broker is not running, then you have to specify the server (or IP address) and the port: {server},{port}


You can allow access in on TCP port 1433 and also turn your firewall back on and just put in a custom rule for that port, inbound.
Did you get any error msg, as say 'Victory' then please share for the better help.