2012 EE AOAGs Replicate Schema Changes?

Trying to clarify does AOAGs replicate all schema changes between nodes, or during schema change deployment, do we still need to bring one server down, apply schema changes, bring it back up, and then apply same changes to the second instance.

There are contrarian views out there to which holds true.

Thanks in advance for any feedback

I don't even need to click on either of the links to know the answer as I've supported several Availability Groups in production for the past 3 years. And we did plenty of application upgrades that included tons of schema changes. Schema changes are copied to each of the secondary replicas. It's basically a mirror of the database.

I'll go click the links now to see what craziness one of them is talking about.

Alright now I've read through the two links. I think you misunderstood. They are in agreement that schema changes do get mirrored/replicated/copied to all secondary replicas.

You only apply them to the primary replica. The AG takes care of the other servers.