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2 Error Logs taking up 12 g of space on a hard drive




We 2 SQL Server Error Logs taking up 12 g of space on a hard drive. What is the best way of removing these logs without having any issues. Looks like the version is 2005.


? Files?

SQL Server Log files, LDF Files, something else?


Sorry it is the 2005 version of SQL


Cycle the logs (or cycle the SQL Service, which will also cycle the logs)


Run this command [note: you will need sysadmin authority to run this]:

EXEC sys.sp_cycle_errorlog

Then go into the log directory and delete any file(s) named "ERRORLOG.n" (where n = 0 thru 9) that you think are too large to keep.

If you don't know the log directory path, then after you cycle the log file, in SSMS, go to the "Management" tab, select "SQL Server Logs", right-click on the "Current" log, and then "View SQL Server Log". Scroll down to the start of the log. One of the first lines will give you the full path to where the log files will be.


If it's the Error Log, how many days has your SQL Server been up? Are you logging successful backups to it (there's a trace flag to prevent it)? Are there crash dumps in it?