10060 WSA E TimedOut: No Response received when attempting to connect to Teradata Server"

did you restart the server after you made the network changes?

See this, bridged is best option

Hi Yosiasz!

Thank you very much for all the help and information you have given.
The big problem was that AVAST security (firewall) didn't allow me to use my IP-adress in VMware. Disabling the shield wasn't enough, so I have deinstalled this firewall and now it works with your bridged connection.

Thank you very much again!

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hi elisa

nice .. njoy !!

i faced the same issue ( with remote cloud software I wanted to use )

... thing is i could not solve my issue
so i left it ...

ah good old firewall :frowning: but be careful disabling things. glad it worked out

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Add firewall rule to allow the IP.
Disabling the firewall is not a good thing to do.