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Can you try something for me?

It's seeing the @variable in your TSQL and thinking it is a user mention. After you get the error, can you try putting that into formatted text? If that works I'll see about updating the posting guidelines. If not, I'll file a bug.

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I found my error. In my topic, I did not use the tag code for the snippet I was writing.
This error message --> Sorry, new users can only mention 2 users in a post.
It was no relevant to me.

One more thing, why do I always receive email from this forum duplicated?

N.B.: Great looking web tool.

I'm late to the party and offended that my post count and profile moniker didn't transfer! Fortunately I know people "on the inside"

Forums look nice Graz, it's been a while.

Everyone is probably offended their post count didn't transfer. I'm lazy. :yak:

hey bill, any section for mssql pdw?

Nothing specific at this point. Let's just put anything in the SSAS,SSRS category and we can tag it as PDW. I'll see abou updating the description.

Hi Bill,

Nice work! It's good to see ravishing new look for SQLTeam, except post count.

What is the link for the old read-only sqlteam forums which where I can see my posts?


Hey, great to hear from you. It should be at www.sqlteam.com/forums/.

Thanks Bill.

I can never find where the how to faq are.

Dear Sir,
I need to get output in text file from mssql

This is the format which I have raised from website of ICEGATE EDI format
HREC^]ZZ^]^]ZZ^]^]^]^] ^]^]^]^]

Pont 1 : When I open the Output in Notepad I get in this manner without any spaces in between
--------------------------------------------------Point 1------------------------------

Point 2 : When I open the Output in Word pad I get in this manner with spaces in between
--------------------------------------------------Point 2------------------------------
HREC ZZ AAACF2188H ZZ INNSA1 ICES1_5 T SACHI01 1 20151208 0959

Point 3 : When I open the Output in Notepad++ I get in this manner with GS where space shown ie Group Separater

How can I handle this via syntax in MSSQL

I'm unclear if you want to query a database and output that format to a file. If that's not the case, then please explain in more detail.

You can use SSIS, export wizard or bcp to get that output, just use ^] as the column terminator.

If you want to do it in TSQL, you would build it by concatenating ^] to each column.

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How can SQL Server instances be hidden?

hey guys im having a problem with my query
select idmedicament,dateExpiration from stock where (SELECT DATEDIFF(day,dateExpiration,getdate()) FROM stock )>=21

but bring me this error below
Msg 512, Level 16, State 1, Line 13
Subquery returned more than 1 value. This is not permitted when the subquery follows =, !=, <, <= , >, >= or when the subquery is used as an expression.

please help me because is an academic project

Looks nice!
Hopefully my post count will migrate and no one else's! :slight_smile:

Thanks for sharing you saved my day

This is a new and exciting start for me. I'm sure, I will learn a lot.

Sorry, new users can only put 2 links in a post.

What's that supposed to mean? I've been browsing the forums!!!!

Hi there, I just have a minor problem, which is since I update my laptop to Window 11, it quite lagged. How can I fixed it now?