SQL Table Index Determination

maybe someone hid them using EXEC sp_addextendedproperty ?

Strange thing is, I see them with SSMS, but I use my own application called Devart I can see them...



Sp_helpindex tablename

It shows indexes if any

You know right away

If indexes there or not

logging in using the same user? odd

That was a good question, but, yes, I am logging in with the same user name and password for both SSMS and Devart

Where would I run this command?

This is where you run the command

Hi Carlton

Yes permissions to see indexes
one possible explanation

Hi Carlton

Please let us know

What is it that you are expecting?
To see and not see

You see indexes..name tag
But if you have indexes you will have
Arrow symbol to the left

Means if you click on the arrow
You will see indexes list

What you are seeing below
Means no indexes are there

If you are expecting to see indexes
No permissions one possible explanation
Other possible explanations are there

Hope this helps​:+1::+1::slightly_smiling_face::slightly_smiling_face:


Sorry guys for my late response - I had an emergency to attend to.

Anyway, I really would like to get to the bottom of this issue.

Harishgg1, you mentioned > Means if you click on the arrow.You will see indexes list

What you are seeing below Means no indexes are there

However, with my Devart application I can see the index for table dbo.CAMPAIGN_EV_RETURN, see below


However, with SSMS I can't see the index for the same table, see below

Can you explain why I can see the index with my application, but can't see it with SSMS?


hi carltonp

in ssms t-sql Query window...

run the following command

sp_helpindex dbo.CAMPAIGN_EV_RETURN

see if you see indexes or not
in results

if you see indexes( ssms tsql running sp_helpindex) and cant see in SSMS it means one thing

if you dont see indexes ( ssms tsql running sp_helpindex) and cant see in SSMS it means
another thing

what are those things ?

index exists only in devart not in SQL Server

index visible ( permissions ) in devart not in SQL Server

index there in devart and SQL Server
(something else might be the issue
may be you are looking at the wrong database ...in SQL Server
or connected to a different server )

hope this helps
:slight_smile: :slight_smile:

Thanks for your continued assistance with this issue. I executed the command you suggested and got the following result:

Please remove

And try

OK, great. I can now see index now,


But when can't I see it in the Object Explorer?


You have to do


Or it may be glitch

Thanks again.

I have refreshed many times, but can't see the index in the Object Explorer.

Have you come across this problem before?

It is now showing up the Columns folder as well. Could this be the reason:



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Ahhhhhhh ..... thanks

Thanks Harishgg1

It has happened to me before
Not many times but happened..

Unfortunately ... Software..

Bugs all over the place