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Max Min With Sum Between

Field Identifier is the same for records on 04.2016 and 2017 . Is this right ? On what field we can group it , so we know to where to look

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That's the thing
The identifier is the same
So consider the identifier as a person
Wanting their internet activated
In 2017 Jan they wanted a reactivation
Which was not completed.
Then there was one in Feb 2017 which was completed.
However because there is nothing to group on and to determine if it was all part of the same "request" I think grouping it by weeks of statuses would provide and indication of whether its part of the same "request".
If you look at their account for 2016 all the statuses were close together so you can make the assumption it was part of the same "request" hence why I thought maybe grouping it by 2 weeks would provide a valid summary since, like you said there was nothing to group on.

Make sense?