Left join date

I have 2 tables . table A is calendar data it is contain of date of every days in a year ( start from january 1st until 31st December ) and table B is transaction contain of transaction history.
I need to join them based on the date so the result can be as below

date transid
01/11/2019 A0001
02/11/2019 A0002
03/11/2019 0
04/11/2019 A0003
05/11/2019 A0004
06/11/2019 0
07/11/2019 0
so on..
I try to make it by join the date between those table but it is not working. It shows only for existing data on table B it cannot show the all the calendar date . please help




Show us your query that is not working.

You need to use a LEFT OUTER JOIN.
Your solution will be something in the line of this:

SELECT D.date_column
      , COALESCE(T.transaction_nr, '0')
FROM date_table as D
    LEFT OUTER JOIN transaction_table AS T
       ON D.date_column = T.transaction_date


i have created a tally table which populates all the dated of year !!

please click arrow to the left for Year data filled using Tally Table
DECLARE @start_date DATE = '20180101' 
DECLARE @end_date DATE = '20181231' 
-- fo course leap years etc etc  

WITH tally_year 
     AS (SELECT N=0, 
                @start_date AS [Date] 
         UNION ALL 
         SELECT n + 1, 
                Dateadd(dd, n + 1, @start_date) 
         FROM   tally_year 
         WHERE  Dateadd(dd, n + 1, @start_date) <= @end_date) 
FROM   tally_year 
OPTION (maxrecursion 400)


Here is something
Is this like what you want ????

please click arrow to the left for sample data transaction history
drop table #transaction_history 

create table #transaction_history 
[date] date , 
transid varchar(10)

insert into #transaction_history select '2018-01-01','A0001'
insert into #transaction_history select '2018-01-02','A0002'
insert into #transaction_history select '2018-01-04','A0003'
insert into #transaction_history select '2018-01-05','A0004'
insert into #transaction_history select '2018-01-08','A0005'
please click arrow to the left for SQL with Year Data using tally table
declare @start_date date = '20180101'
declare @end_date  date = '20181231'

-- of course leap years etc etc are there 

; with tally_Year as 
select N=0,@start_date as [Date]
union all 
select N+1,DATEADD(dd,N+1,@start_date)  from tally_Year
where DATEADD(dd,N+1,@start_date) <= @end_date 
select  a.Date,ISNULL(b.transid,0) 
from  tally_Year a left join #transaction_history b 
on a.Date = b.date
option (maxrecursion 400)

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