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How to extract common values from each archives?


Once you become an "expert", the best advice I can give you is to realize you're not. Becoming an "expert" isn't the end of the game. It simply means that you're more qualified to learn more about the subject, whatever that subject is, and that the game is really just beginning. :wink: There is no way to "Become an expert QUICKLY".



hi Jeff

What I had in mind is something like the old TV Show "THE PRETENDER"
the idea concepts have been around a long long long time

the thing is THERE is an EXPLOSION of new FIELDS
hence the need for
.....................TIME to Master .................
and give solutions
needs to be reduced DRASTICALLY

DARPA and IARPA and lot of other people
are working on this




hi jeff

:wink: :slight_smile:

here is another thing ..

where .. your memory is in state of something

lets say i wanted pick up all your knowledge and experience and everything else

i would just translate your mind in to mine ..
with the help of some instrument or whatever

my mind would "instantaneously" capture you


That's what I mean

Anyone ... Any one
can become SQL expert





Heh... you have to remember that they might be programmed by idiots :smiley: or by people that think they should be idiots or a smattering of both. The U.S. news channels seem to be working on the latter and it appears to be working on most of the populace. :D:D:D


thanks jeff

more than anyhting would like to njoy
chatting with you

Looks like you like SQL
i will be there pretty soon
We can have some FUN


`Heh... you have to remember that you might be programmed by idiots.

`this concept is also there

people's BIASes
all different kinds

they program thier biases ,,,



Correct... my bias is "Make it work, make it fast, make it pretty and it ain't done 'til it's pretty".

The bias I most frequently come across from others is "I just want to get it off my plate and I don't care how" or "I'm an expert. My 30 years of saying so makes it true."