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How populate a table fact



no it is not wrong. why are you getting no rows?


I really do not know.


It is because you are doing full joins to FactProductSales which has 0 rows. Since that is the main table you start join from then all other tables that join to it results in 0 rows.


I understand, so this example can not load in the FACT table, because the dimension tables do not have primary keys and foreign keys.

I'll try to find another model.


no not because dimensions "do not have primary keys and foreign keys". it cannot load any data because FactProductSales is an empty table


The fact table is your destination. What is the data source in the sense of where you are getting data to load the dimension tables?


You can't load an empty table from itself can you?


This model I picked up on the internet, do not teach loading the FACT table

The load in the FACT table is performed without consulting the dimensions.

take a look.