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How do I add additional .txt files into a SQL table a .txt file into SQL server

I am not creating 1,500 files...that I would then have to open and add a heading...

For the loads after / other than the first load, specify that headings are NOT included in the file. Since you're appending to an existing table, you don't need column names anyway.

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who said you need to.

when I tired to append the table earlier the upload failed because it didn't have a heading

Thanks Scott...but I didnt see that option in the Wizard..let me take another look

@yosiasz I would have to make 1,500 files. The larger file is almost 1 Tb and will not finish before my 12 hour VPN expires. I broke that down to 16 60 gb files that also are too big to load before the VPN expires so I had to break one of the 60 gb files into 10 6gb files. So I would have to do the same for the other 15 60gb files. Thats 1500-1600 files..

I think you are responding to the another person's thread. My question to you was

What are you more comfortable with? Powershell python or ssis

Sorry Scott..I do see it now and disabled it

@yosiasz I have never used either