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Help with logic

Don't mean to make this more difficult, I appreciate your help immensely!

I can give you my entire query if you'd like, not sure how to post sample data.

BTW, ran what you posted and it worked perfectly, pulled in the correct ship date of 4/29, not 4/18.

Some INSERT statements is usually the best way. Some sample code that created a (e.g. temporary) table, and then some Insert statements, and folk can then try solutions - rather than guessing / hoping :slight_smile: if they will work.

To add to what @Kristen said, my last post had sample data that I cooked up. The "CREATE TABLE..." statement created a temporary table. Then, the INSERT statement inserted the data. When you copied and pasted that, you had the table and data against which you can run the query easily.

If you do the same - create table statement and insert statements - then someone can copy that, run it on their system and write a query against that sample data.

okay, another dumb question. how much or what data, the results are obviously pulling from multiple tables.

for example here is the result of current query

sorry if i'm making this more difficult than it is

It is possible to create a query to save the results of your query into a table, and then script that table. However, if you post a large amount of data, that is not going to be very useful to people who are not familiar with your environment or data.

Instead, run your query with additional WHERE clauses to limit the number of rows to just a few that demonstrate the problem. Then, just manually type in the CREATE TABLE statement and INSERT statements, similar to what I had done when I posted my example.