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Email SSRS report from server ERROR msg


We have an error message from SSRS when we scheduled to email it. The error message is “The email address of one or more recipients is not valid”.

Does anyone have this error message before and know how to fix it ?

Where is the list of emails coming from? Is it a static list or dynamic?

Static list.
I just enter my email address just to test and it doesn’t send it but gives the error message.

Do you currently have a email server within the domain you are sending email from?

Not sure, how do I know and how do I set it up ?

Is this a home network or an actual company you work at

work network, not home.

The report server e-mail delivery extension is not configured by default. You must use the Reporting Services Configuration Manager to minimally configure the extension.

You need to talk to your network admin or mail admin to see if you have a mail server

How do I know if I have a mail server or how to enable this ? I don’t have a network or mail admin.

I followed the step and it didn’t send.
I changed Set to false and put mydm.com in between

Ask your sys admin. And if you are that guy install a mail server. Is sql server installed on your laptop or desktop or on a legitimate windows server?

SQL server is installed on a server.
This is my setup.
I have sql server, visual studio and reporting services configuration manager installed on window server.

I schedule the email to go from the SSRS to my email address.

How can I install a mail server or know if one is already installed and is working ?

Google is your friend. This forum is for SQL server. Others might be able to chime in here

I have used hMail Server in past free and sort of easy

Or pay and have it hosted online