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Convert string to date

The columns in excel are string so the dates are left justified and i have to perform a "TEXT TO COLUMN" to convert the date to date format (or press F2 and then enter on each field - too much to do this manually). This then means our dashboard is not picking up the dates until someone goes into and converts the data to date.

If i had dates in mm/dd/yyyy format the data comes across as dates and everything is ok.

I think the issue is i need to tell the VIEW in sql that the dates are in the format of dd/mm/yyyy.
I thought SET LANGUAGE would do it but that cant be used in a VIEW

Thanks anyway

You are attempting to force 2 distinctly separate data types into the same column

Yes i think that is the issue - thanks for your efforts

I like your occasionally hilarious one liners.

One has to smile quite good for health.