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Where can I learn SSIS and/or SSRS?


Sorry if this is an obvious question.

I used SQL-Server 2008 and 2012 for several years (2009-2014) (management studio only) to run ad-hoc queries, write SPs, etc. Then I left the workforce and would like to return, but nobody seems to want someone who doesn’t know SSIS / SSRS.

How can I self-teach? I don’t have thousands of $$ for Microsoft training, and I don’t have a platform on which to learn.

Does anybody know of a vendor that can supply a “play around” environment ??

Thanks in advance,


SQL Server Developer Edition
Lot's of You-tube videos
You know what the beatnik told the NY tourist asking how to get to Carnegie Hall? He said practice man.




MSSQL Developers Version (which has full functionality of Enterprise) is either Free or Pretty Cheap - that might do you.

SQL Express is free, but dunno if SSxS etc. comes with it.

Probably not going to help, in this context, but http://sqlfiddle.com allows online .... errrm ... "fiddling" :slight_smile:


Thank you!


I have heard about Microsoft Virtual Labs environment where you can practice use sql querying using the database and tables available for a limited time. Is there really anything like that where we can use it?