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Installation help please


Using Windows 7 Prof. 64 bit in Virtual Machine
I have downloaded SQLServer2008R2SP2-KB2630458-x64-ENU.exe from Microsoft site.
Run it and in the program menu I got installation center. For installation, I right click the above exe and extracted in E:\SQLInstallMedia folder. Again I run installation center from program menu. Click on New installation of SQL Server and browse the E:\SQLInstallMedia folder, a black popup window show for 1 second and disappears and nothing coming up for a fresh installation.

Kindly help me how do I proceed for complete installation.


do you have enough disk space? ram?
did you check windows logs? event viewer? how about any log files written to disk?


There is no issue of disk spage and ram.
There are many files in %tmp%, which file should I read please.