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May i know about the SSIS execution and development in MSBI



Have been perusing and following instructional exercises on Microsoft Business Intelligence. Furthermore, I might want to illuminate a few things. Thus, as I have perused and rehearsed, there is no in fact assemble process like that of 'expert' or 'msbuild' sort of in MSBI. I am more enthusiasm on the utilities viz: dtutil.exe and the dtexec.exe; with the goal that I may ideally computerize the procedure of arrangement. A few inquiries:

Arrangement here is more sort of move the document *.dtsx on the objective server/record framework/store? Things being what they are, my assemble coordination server, will checkout the records from the form control and execute the dtutil.exe to move (otherwise known as convey, here) to the objective server?

What improvement does this move with dtutil.exe makes with only a manual reorder?

On the off chance that #1 is correct, does it mean I need to introduce the SQL server/SSDT on my construct server, to get the dtutils.exe OR simply duplicating the executable from a hub which have the .exe will be adequate?

For the execution of the bundles, (that were conveyed utilizing the dtutil.exe) would i be able to do it through my construct server on a remote server where the bundle were sent?
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In visual studio, SQL server 2012 and up, you can deploy to the server from the context menu. Then, schedule with SQL server agent if desired.

I don't understand this question. What do you mean by move? What do you mean by manual reorder?


Are you using google translate to post your message?
Few of your sentences are hard to understand.


I'd say that few of the questions are easy to understand